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Michelle Auerbach, Colorado

Seriously. This process is a little intimidating to the uninformed, and you are making it a lot less scary. And you can quote me on that!

G. Fernandez, Atascosa, TX

Thank You! You’re Awesome for helping me with my mom’s insurance.

Fellow Veteran, Colorado

I appreciate your service, and your understanding of how Medicare works with the Veterans Affairs.

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Our Mission

At Lenny Morgan Insurance, we are committed to providing our clients with the best insurance solutions to meet their needs. Our mission is to help you protect your assets, your family, and your business, which ultimately brings you PEACE OF MIND! Yes, less expensive is always the goal, but the phone call that we NEVER want to receive is that from an angry customer because they were not covered like they thought they were. In over 25 years, this has never happened once! We take the time to make sure our clients are heard, get the coverage they want and need, understand exactly what is and what ISN'T covered, AND have the coverage fit your budget.